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MGT-7 - IKF Finance - 2020-2021

AGM 2020-2021 Scrutinzer Report

AGM 2019-20 Scrutinzer Report

Annual Report 2020-2021

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IKF_ Dec_21 Unaudited Financial Results

March 2020

Un audited financials for the Half year 30-09-2020

March 2021(Standalone)

March 2021(Consolidated)

Un audited financials for the Half year 30-09-2021

Restated articles of association

Notice of extra ordinary general meeting

Share Holders Notice

Notice Of EGM 18-02-2019

Notice Of EGM 23-11-2018

Notice Of EGM 10-05-2018

Notice Of EGM 09-01-2018

Notice Of EGM 30-09-2017

Code of Conduct for Directors & Senior Executives

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

Code of Conduc for Independent Directors

Code of Conduct for Recovery Team

Code of conduct for directors senior executives

Corporate Governance Policy

CSR Policy

Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

Dividend Distribution Policy

ESG Policy

Fair Disclosure UPSI

IKF_COVID-19 Moratorium Policy 04.04.2020

Interest Rate Policy

KYC & AML Policy

Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Policy for determination of Mateiality of Event & Information

Policy on Ex-Gratia Scheme

Policy on Fair Practices Code

Policy on Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors

Policy on Fit & Proper Criteria

Policy on Leaks and Suspected Leaks

Policy on Material Subsidiaries

Policy on Related Party Transactions

POSH Policy- IKF Group.pdf

Preservation of Documents Policy

Privacy Policy

Procedure & Policy on appointment of Statutory Auditors

Restructuring Policy for Individuals & Small Business

Restructuring Policy for MSME Advances

Terms and conditions of Appoitnmetn of Independnet Directors

Whistle Blower Policy & Vigil Mechanism

Form for lodging complaint with The Ombudsman

Integrated Ombudsman Scheme

Sailent Features of Ombudsman Scheme 2021

Liquidty Risk Disclosure-Dec-2021