Why work with IKF Finance

At IKF Finance, we value people and rely on the alignment of personal and professional growth. We constantly challenge the capabilities of our people, while equipping them with the knowledge and physical infrastructure required to achieve success.

Confident of our mentoring culture and grooming initiatives, we promote organic growth of talent within the organisation and encourage our employees to explore lateral and vertical profile extensions in their endeavour to expand their horizons.


IKF Finance has been built on the culture of ‘one for all and all for one’; essentially, we work as teams, taking responsibility together for challenges that come our way and celebrating successes of the company as a single entity.

Our people are encouraged to share ideas that will drive progress of the company and no idea is too small or irrelevant for consideration. The only criterion is that it is well thought-through.

As we expand across our great and diverse nation, we have encouraged a multi-cultural workforce. This enables us to put socio-cultural situations in context and leverage various ethnic skills and knowledge.

Job openings

We are constantly in search of talent that is bright, enthusiastic and a good cultural match with IKF Finance.

If you have not found a suitable position on this page, do revisit us and we may have something more aligned with your talents, qualifications and experience soon.

Would you like to work at IKF Finance? Please attach your resume here and we’ll get back to you once a suitable position opens up.