Jobs Available at IKF

Find out what it takes to be part of IKF Finance

We are one of the fastest growing NBFC in South India with a strong presence all across Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka. We are a significant player in every aspect of automobile finance, with a wide range of products and services that are competitive and are aimed at bringing ease and comfort to our customers. IKF Finance prides itself as a young and vibrant organization and recognises its employees as its greatest assets. Our people are exposed to challenges from the very beginning. We endow trust in the capabilities of our people and empower them with freedom to act but hold them responsible for actions. Skills are honed and potential is developed through a continuous system of training. We have a flat organization structure with few hierarchical levels. Relevant work experience is given importance and rewarded. Ikf Finance is proud of its healthy work environment, open work culture and strong business ethics.

What we look for?

We are extremely careful when we look for a new member for our IKF family. Every candidate is crucial, every selection critical, as every individual contributes significantly to our corporate goals. We look for candidates who are self-starters, have determination to make things happen, have capabilities to challenge the status quo and develop, devise and implement new ideas.

We admire academic excellence, professional dexterity and behavioural sensitivity towards customers, both internal and external. We appreciate the following competencies in the prospective candidates: -

Planning and organising: capability to translate goals into workable action plans through prioritisation, target allocation and optimal utilization of resources and commitment to meet deadlines.

Customer Focus: understanding the criticality of satisfying the customer. Analytical ability to comprehend needs of both internal and external customers, to respond appropriately and build long-term relationships with them.

Achievement Orientation: initiative and drive to aggressively pursue ambitious targets, with consistent determination to overcome obstacles and achieve outstanding results.

Team Effectiveness: ability to lead and work in teams as required by the role. Capability of motivating the team towards achieving the shared vision and team objectives.

Negotiation and Impact: ability to build internal commitment and external credibility, through effective negotiation and suitable influencing styles, based on a clear understanding of organisational decision-making dynamics.

Communication: ability to grasp and process information, and to articulate thoughts and ideas to convey/ use information in an open, transparent and meaningful manner.

Capability Building: ability to manage and develop employees in ways that allow them to fully contribute to improving the results of the business and helping them to grow personally and professionally and an ability to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of work processes & methods.

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